What is Experiential Advertising and why should businesses consider using it?

When thinking about marketing, the best strategy is to show directly to your consumers how they stand to gain by purchasing your products. Even though the demonstration strategy has been used before, increase in competition has lead to the birth of new marketing approaches such as experimental marketing.

So what is experimental-marketing?

Experimental marketing is a marketing approach that involves live audience participation. It can be direct participation where audience contributes to a live event, or where consumers participate indirectly maybe through a competition or voting. The main aim of experimental marketing is to expand audience engagement levels through activities that they can interact with. This approach helps to form a stronger bond between the brand and the consumers.

What are the benefits of experimental marketing?

1. According to numerous studies, by using memorable and interesting events, your products may be more purchased than those that depend on traditional marketing strategies such as TV and radio.

2. Experimental marketing need voluntary participation, this helps to create a mind of buying leading to high levels of engagement.

3. Allowing consumers to try a product before making a purchase positively influences their buying decisions and plays a significant role in converting them.

4. Any successful experimental marketing event has the ability to increase activation. This means that the participants or the attendees of the event are more likely to purchase the product and spread the word to other potential consumers.

Why Should Businesses consider using Experimental Marketing?

A good experimental marketing strategy makes a lasting connection and a lasting impression. Today, event sponsorships are no longer as popular as before. Most brands are looking for innovative ways by encouraging real engagement. Even though experimental marketing approaches are designed to attain an emotional connection, strategists need to consider the type of emotion they want to achieve. We’ve seen many examples of successful experiential marketing campaigns for huge companies especially in the Photo Booth Rental SF sector where companies are able to do product launches, and announce major business decisions. The choice of location is also very important. You can choose an experimental marketing agency to help you implement a successful marketing campaign.

With social media sites, marketers can easily know what their clients want or need. The significant step to start with any form of experimental marketing is to discover what your customers want. Also, as many forms of marketing, any experience marketing strategy should be measurable to determine real success. For example, if a consumer sends an email to ask for something or fills a survey form, that is an emotional connection achieved. The consumer is more likely to purchase the products. The information provided can be used to contact the potential customers and offer them the right direction.

Nowadays, most users are not just content with the simple advertisements. They expect or want more from the brands they can connect with. They want to be part of the brand and this is where experimental marketing comes in. Today’s consumers are very smart, and thanks to the internet they can connect with many other similar brands. But if you have an effective experimental marking campaign or a reliable marketing agency, you have a good chance of making a stronger and lasting connection, and coming out on top of your competitors.

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