What Are The Best Apps To Enhance Your Photography Game

The world of technology grows and changes at alarming rates. Developments happen faster than an ordinary man can keep track of. Technology gurus are always striving to out-do their previous work or their competitors. One of the biggest markets out there is that of photography. Smartphones are fast becoming the favorite tool for photography, hence the development in expertise for mobile apps. Smartphones are becoming more powerful and effective in the game of photography and photo editing. Taking photos may be a simple and painless but the task of editing photos may be time consuming and frustrating. There are many efficient and impressive apps for enhancing photos and below is an outline of some of these apps.

One of the most prevailing apps at the moment on the market is called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. This is a free app and gives a simple solution for capturing, editing and then sharing photos. It also allows you to categorize your photos and store large collections of photos. It has a decent set of tools for adjustments such as presets, sliders to adjust light, colour, details, and distortions.

Another useful app is Snapseed. This app is known to excel in photo editing. It has a wide range of tools ranging from the basics, such as tuning, rotating, and vignette, to a professional level such as curves, precision masking, and perspectives. These tools allow you to be creative and perform assignments such as double exposure. It has a comprehensive menu and gives users considerable control over their edits.

Affinity Photo comes highly recommended for photo enhancement. It is a fast and efficient app with top-end features on its fully customizable interface. Affinity Photo is known for its professional-level tools without the extreme cost. Some of its impressive features are multi-layered compositions and digital painting. This app also allows one to perform professional retouching and raw editing. Other features offered by this amazing app are panorama stitching, live filters, and advanced brush engine, and task-orientated workspaces.

A well-known photo enhancer is VSCO. this app mixes up an online community with a camera and an editing tool. It has an outstanding set of tools which can be applied to photos with a single tap. VSCO offers more than filter applications once a photo is taken. Its tools are pretenseless but they are quite ideal for crops, skews, and adjustments. One can easily amend the skin tone, add grain and try different vignettes. If one wishes to further enhance their photo then there is an option of using VSCO’s studio lab.

Aviary is also an app that is flourishing in photo enhancement. It is pleasantly designed to balance out photo enhancement with playful photo decoration. Since the birth of this app, the number of its tools has increased from 20 to 1500, allowing lots of room for experimenting and exploring. This app is perfect for mobile phones and allows users to transform their phone into a photography studio. Its editing power allows it to remain incredible on its own. Aviary allows photography fanatics easy methods of editing and enhancing photos.

There are legions of apps that have been developed for photo enhancing. Apps are created for mobiles as well as for desktops. There are different operating systems on devices and app developers have normally made their apps to accommodate all types, users just have to find the time to hunt through the vast range and settle with the app that suits their needs the most.

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