Prettiest places to take pictures of in Japan

Japan or The Land of the Rising Sun is a spectacular destination, that will surely grab the attention of every tourist. With its exotic culture, cuisine, stunning architecture and incredible technology, it has something to offer to everybody.

These are a few suggestions of sights that deserve to be photographed as they will take your breath away.
Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima – the floating gate. Probably one of the most recognizable monuments of Japan. Very picturesque under the right conditions. It’s a must-see.
Mount Fuji. This prominent peak is actually a volcano that can be seen from miles away. It’s mentioned in countless legends, poems and all kinds of artwork. There are quite a few spots that offer brilliant views you can use to take photos. Depending on where you decide to go, you can get all sorts of interesting foregrounds for your photo including a lake, bays, hills of beautiful blooming flowers, beaches, etc.

Lake Ashinoko is an impressive mountain lake. If you’re lucky and the weather conditions allow it, you might catch a glimpse of the magnificent Mount Fuji, but only its peak, as the lake itself is at high elevation. Hakone Shrine’s torii gate is another photo opportunity while you’re there. You can take a boat tour in the lake, which will surely provide even more stunning views to capture.

Kenrokuen, Kanazawa is the best garden in Japan. Its building started in the 17th century and finished two centuries later with the help of multiple generations. It has thousands of trees and hundreds of different plant species. The colors you will witness there are one of a kind, it’s truly a remarkable photo destination. Depending on the season, you can get very different shots with the various plums and cherry blossoms, autumn leaves. Winter is also a great time to visit.

Hitachi Seaside Park. It’s a public destination with gentle hills, covered in millions of flowers including baby blue eyes, daffodils, tulips, etc. Whenever you decide to go, there’s always something blooming and stunning color combinations are guaranteed. This makes for a great shot.

If you’re fond of cities, then you’re in for a treat. Tokyo, for example, has so much to offer. It’s a spectacular blend of bright lights, busy streets, skyscrapers, architecture, technology, and innovation. There is so much to photograph in a city of this magnitude, you can practice almost any photography genre you could think of.

Shibuya Crossing. Where thousands of people cross the streets in any direction. It’s probably the most popular photo location in Tokyo. You can get great shots at night from the different viewing areas in nearby buildings.

Kyoto is another destination you can’t miss. There’s so much to capture there – architecture, modern design, museums, shrines, ancient monuments. Depending on the time of year, you can shoot the traditional festivals and parades held there, that bring immense amounts of color to the city.

A popular place to visit is the Kyoto Station. The architecture is world renown and it houses a bunch of train lines, a bus station, shopping malls, and government facilities.

It’s hard to put all the photo-deserving spots of Japan in a few lines, simply because they are so many. These are just a few ideas, but it’s up to you to explore and find the remarkable locations Japan has in store.

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