How to Stand out as a Photographer in a Social Media World Saturated with Photography

The internet has truly revolutionized the way we live. With just a simple click of a button, you have access to billions of photographs. What does this mean for our millennial photographers who are just starting their career in the industry?

Grayson Perry, an award-winning artist, gave a talk about what “bad art” looked like. He used a series of images taken from Google’s immediate search list to show how dense the art scene has become because of technology, as most budding artists find inspiration online.

The internet is drenched in so much similar compositions that it is difficult to identify the original work from the duplicate. As a photographer, you are faced with a challenge to make your work stand out, because of modern technology, photography is a hobby that is accessible to anyone with a smartphone. The number one question is: what can you do to make your work contemporary and noticeable.

One of the most common oversights any photographer makes is the lack of consistency. Create your style and constantly apply this to your images. Dozens of well-known photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Alex Webb have mastered the art of monochrome photography, but it took a little creativity to help them stand out from the millions of black-and-white photographers.

Be Unique
Following the trend may not be the best idea when you’re itching to be the next viral hit. Do something different. You don’t need to follow the herd like a sheep desperately finding his way in a crowd, be the black sheep if you must. Divergence is the key.

Hone Your Skill
Back in the olden days where digital photography was a myth, honing your skill came with a price. Thanks to the technological advancements available at the tip of our fingers, we have unlimited access. Create a personal project, put yourself out there, have fun but most importantly: take note of your progress.

Never stop trying to be innovative with your technique. Keep the momentum going by doing your research and upgrading your equipment. You may have untapped potential waiting to be discovered.

Once you have established your art style, it’s time to step out and share your creativity with the world. Choosing the best social media platform is crucial in getting the exposure you want.

Based on the testimonies of big name photographers, most of their web traffic comes from Pinterest. It is the virtual melting pot of practically anything and everything! According to Pinterest’s statistics, Travel photography is one of the most searched topics on their site.

The sole purpose of Instagram is to be able to easily share quality photos. It is the fast-growing social media platform in the photography community. It is user-friendly with a very appealing homepage layout that allows you to show people an overview of your work.

Some photographers frown at the idea of showcasing their work on such a mainstream site, but the fact still remains – Facebook has billions of users and the possibilities are endless. If you’re just starting out, it would be a great idea to start with a site like this.

Other sites like Moodaway, Steller Stories, and Trover are also great places you may want to share your work on. The problem with sites like these is their lifespan, remember the time Flickr was the place for all aspiring photographers?

At the end of the day, the secret to standing out lie in your passion for the art. Be honest with your intentions and apply yourself to the craft.

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