Budget-friendly camera options to consider buying

For a photographer doing photography for financial gains or as a hobby, a good camera is mandatory equipment. The price of quality cameras, however, demoralizes most people from acquiring one. Various factors influence the cost of cameras, with the top influencers being the brand and the camera’s features. With proper market research on the available cameras in the market, you can always get one within your pocket range. To make your work easier, we took some time to find budget-friendly cameras. On that note, here are some budget-friendly camera options you can consider buying.


For approximately 200 US dollars, you get to acquire this incredible camera with a zoom feature. Most photographers whose niche is nature will always look for the perfect angle to take their shot. If the focus is to take a shot of a wild animal that is several meters away, getting a clear shot with other cameras might be futile. Therefore with the zoom feature, this camera gets to help you meet your intentions. Also, this camera comes with some modern features like a screen made out of LCD. This feature allows you to view your shots to establish first hand whether you got the perfect shot. Generally, this is a fun camera with modern features that make it reliable, and most importantly, it makes it to the list of budget-friendly camera options.


This camera passes as a family camera because it is safe in the hands of even a child. It is water-resistant and makes the perfect fit for underwater shots. The best thing about this camera is that it comes in three different types: various features and prices. For about 105 US dollars, you can bag yourself one of the Nixon Coolpix W100. The highest amount of money you can pay for this camera is 205 US dollars. With cool features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth associated with the camera and the fact that it can come into contact with water and still survive, this camera is very budget-friendly.


We all can appreciate a camera that comes with camera accessories like a bag to help you carry the camera around with ease. Also, some extra external memory is always a good idea. This camera goes for about 300 US dollars, and there has never been a better budget-friendly camera than this one here. It has a zoom feature, which always helps when trying to take shots from afar. Also, it has a screen to preview the already taken photos, and most importantly, it is Wi-Fi enabled just in case you want to upload the images online. The camera often comes with an extra battery hence helping you avoid scenarios of running out of charge prematurely.

The best thing about the above cameras apart from their price is that they can capture the best videos too. Also, they fall among the most popular buys on most online shops making them readily available in case you want to make a purchase.

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