5 Wedding Dress Trend Related Happenings in 2018

Planning a wedding can be both a fun and frustrating affair. With so many wonderful ideas on Pinterest and other bridal websites, knowing the upcoming trends can assist brides with creating a fun and trendy wedding to fit their own personal style. When planning your wedding, consider the following 5 upcoming Big Day and wedding trends for 2018

1. Arm Warmers.

Arm warmers are coming back in full force to wedding dresses as are wedding gloves. During the 2018 fashion show at Bridal Fashion Week, viewers will get to see the beautiful warmers and coordinating gloves in various styles and sizes. From lacy to satin, detachable to peep-hole shoulders, warmers can be found either attached to the bridal gowns, detachable, or even sold separately to add a flair to any gown you choose.

2. Cascading Shoulder Bows.

While off the shoulder, or shoulder-less have always been popular choices for bridal gowns, 2018 Bridal Fashion Week will feature several dresses with varying degrees of cascading shoulder bows. While some will be more discreet and subtle, others will be long and flowy. Select dresses even have ribbon bows that flow the length of the wedding gown itself. While several of the bows are attached to the wedding dresses themselves, retailers are beginning to sell detachable options for those brides who wish to add an accent to a different or already purchased dress.

3. High-Low Hemlines.

What started back in 2017 will become more popular in 2018 with the new High-Low Hemlines. Beginning with a high hemline in the front revealing the shoes and legs and trailing down to a low hemline and often train in the back, these dresses come in varying styles and shapes to accommodate any bride. The degree of high and low is also easily adjustable for those brides wanting to show off more or less leg on that Big Day.

4. Boutiqued Balloons.

Since everyone loves balloons, it is no wonder that a top 2018 trend for weddings will be Boutiqued Balloons. Statistics show than balloons, filled balloons, and balloon services for weddings have gone up nearly 86% since 2017. Brides are searching for balloons of different shapes and sizes and with decorative tails to either decorate the wedding with or to fill with glitter and other materials. One of the popular trends is for the balloons to be popped as the bride and groom exit the wedding. Boutiqued Balloons can also be minimally or highly decorated with lace and ribbons and put into elaborate designs and shapes.

5. DIY Food Stations

Moving drastically away from the traditional sit-down meal or any type of catering service, 2018 predicts that a popular reception trend will be DIY food stations. Brides are becoming creative with their DIY food stations using them as a decorative centerpiece for the reception itself. From a DIY sandwich station or taco bar to a DIY Waffle station, these provide a more affordable and interactive alternative for receptions. Brides are also beginning to create DIY hors d’oeuvres and even desert stations. Examples include a DIY popcorn station while the guests wait for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception or even a DIY donut station where donuts are not filled or covered, but instead the guests choose to make their donut the way they like.

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