10 Fun things a Bride Can Incorporate on her Wedding Day

A wedding is a beautiful moment that in each person looks forward too at one point in their life or another. It is a time when beautiful memories are created, that is meant to last a lifetime. The evolvement of technology provides brides with numerous ideas and ways to glam up their day. Some of the things a bride can incorporate on her wedding day include:

1. Aerial drone photography

This is a modern form of technology used in weddings for the purpose of filming the event. Due to its improvised system, it captures the event well and with the use of high-quality videos and photography.

2. Wedding After Party

Every guest looks forward to an exciting after party in the evenings after the wedding is complete. The bride and her team ought to plan this part very well to add flavor to their big day. A good after party marks the end of the day
with a bang. Guests get time to mingle and have fun after a long day of events after events.

3. RSVP Information

It is very important to have an RSVP section while making the wedding invitation cards. Whether the cards were mailed to the recipient or sent via email the rsvp section is very important as it informs them on what action can be taken especially for the guest who may misplace their cards or accidentally delete the mail that contains them.

4. Designer Wedding Dress Rental

Every bride looks forward to looking very gorgeous on their big day. Going for a designer gown can accomplish this desire. Designer gowns are tailored to fit the bride appropriately and fit their bodies perfectly well.

5. Guest Book

During the busy day of the wedding, it is quite impossible for the bride and groom to talk to all their guests present. Coming up with a guest book is a great idea. The book can be placed at the entrance of the venue so that each guest who
comes in can get an opportunity to leave a congratulatory message or any other message for the couple. This book will forever remain a great memory for the couple as they can go through it for the rest of their lives and keep it for their children and children’s children.

6. Gift Registry Details

Providing a gift registry area will help the couples save on time and also get information on who brought them gifts to help them get back and appreciate them after the wedding is done.

7. Gallery

A gallery is a creative area where the couple can set a number of photos from their previous dates. Guests are then encouraged to sign their names on the board and the couple can hang it in their home for memories.

8. Accommodation Information

It is important for the bride to consider accommodation for her guests before and after the wedding. This step will relieve them of stress and also ensure a big turnout as the guests will not have to worry about how to get accommodation especially for those traveling long distances to attend the day.

9. Professional makeup artist

The bride should consider investing in a professional makeup artist to doll them up during the wedding to ensure they don’t end up looking like ghosts.

10. Good music

Good music provides a good ambiance for the day. It helps keeps guests in the mood and brightens the occasion.

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