How to Stand out as a Photographer in a Social Media World Saturated with Photography

The internet has truly revolutionized the way we live. With just a simple click of a button, you have access to billions of photographs. What does this mean for our millennial photographers who are just starting their career in the industry?

Grayson Perry, an award-winning artist, gave a talk about what “bad art” looked like. He used a series of images taken from Google’s immediate search list to show how dense the art scene has become because of technology, as most budding artists find inspiration online.

The internet is drenched in so much similar compositions that it is difficult to identify the original work from the duplicate. As a photographer, you are faced with a challenge to make your work stand out, because of modern technology, photography is a hobby that is accessible to anyone with a smartphone. The number one question is: what can you do to make your work contemporary and noticeable.

One of the most common oversights any photographer makes is the lack of consistency. Create your style and constantly apply this to your images. Dozens of well-known photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Alex Webb have mastered the art of monochrome photography, but it took a little creativity to help them stand out from the millions of black-and-white photographers.

Be Unique
Following the trend may not be the best idea when you’re itching to be the next viral hit. Do something different. You don’t need to follow the herd like a sheep desperately finding his way in a crowd, be the black sheep if you must. Divergence is the key.

Hone Your Skill
Back in the olden days where digital photography was a myth, honing your skill came with a price. Thanks to the technological advancements available at the tip of our fingers, we have unlimited access. Create a personal project, put yourself out there, have fun but most importantly: take note of your progress.

Never stop trying to be innovative with your technique. Keep the momentum going by doing your research and upgrading your equipment. You may have untapped potential waiting to be discovered.

Once you have established your art style, it’s time to step out and share your creativity with the world. Choosing the best social media platform is crucial in getting the exposure you want.

Based on the testimonies of big name photographers, most of their web traffic comes from Pinterest. It is the virtual melting pot of practically anything and everything! According to Pinterest’s statistics, Travel photography is one of the most searched topics on their site.

The sole purpose of Instagram is to be able to easily share quality photos. It is the fast-growing social media platform in the photography community. It is user-friendly with a very appealing homepage layout that allows you to show people an overview of your work.

Some photographers frown at the idea of showcasing their work on such a mainstream site, but the fact still remains – Facebook has billions of users and the possibilities are endless. If you’re just starting out, it would be a great idea to start with a site like this.

Other sites like Moodaway, Steller Stories, and Trover are also great places you may want to share your work on. The problem with sites like these is their lifespan, remember the time Flickr was the place for all aspiring photographers?

At the end of the day, the secret to standing out lie in your passion for the art. Be honest with your intentions and apply yourself to the craft.

What Are The Best Apps To Enhance Your Photography Game

The world of technology grows and changes at alarming rates. Developments happen faster than an ordinary man can keep track of. Technology gurus are always striving to out-do their previous work or their competitors. One of the biggest markets out there is that of photography. Smartphones are fast becoming the favorite tool for photography, hence the development in expertise for mobile apps. Smartphones are becoming more powerful and effective in the game of photography and photo editing. Taking photos may be a simple and painless but the task of editing photos may be time consuming and frustrating. There are many efficient and impressive apps for enhancing photos and below is an outline of some of these apps.

One of the most prevailing apps at the moment on the market is called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. This is a free app and gives a simple solution for capturing, editing and then sharing photos. It also allows you to categorize your photos and store large collections of photos. It has a decent set of tools for adjustments such as presets, sliders to adjust light, colour, details, and distortions.

Another useful app is Snapseed. This app is known to excel in photo editing. It has a wide range of tools ranging from the basics, such as tuning, rotating, and vignette, to a professional level such as curves, precision masking, and perspectives. These tools allow you to be creative and perform assignments such as double exposure. It has a comprehensive menu and gives users considerable control over their edits.

Affinity Photo comes highly recommended for photo enhancement. It is a fast and efficient app with top-end features on its fully customizable interface. Affinity Photo is known for its professional-level tools without the extreme cost. Some of its impressive features are multi-layered compositions and digital painting. This app also allows one to perform professional retouching and raw editing. Other features offered by this amazing app are panorama stitching, live filters, and advanced brush engine, and task-orientated workspaces.

A well-known photo enhancer is VSCO. this app mixes up an online community with a camera and an editing tool. It has an outstanding set of tools which can be applied to photos with a single tap. VSCO offers more than filter applications once a photo is taken. Its tools are pretenseless but they are quite ideal for crops, skews, and adjustments. One can easily amend the skin tone, add grain and try different vignettes. If one wishes to further enhance their photo then there is an option of using VSCO’s studio lab.

Aviary is also an app that is flourishing in photo enhancement. It is pleasantly designed to balance out photo enhancement with playful photo decoration. Since the birth of this app, the number of its tools has increased from 20 to 1500, allowing lots of room for experimenting and exploring. This app is perfect for mobile phones and allows users to transform their phone into a photography studio. Its editing power allows it to remain incredible on its own. Aviary allows photography fanatics easy methods of editing and enhancing photos.

There are legions of apps that have been developed for photo enhancing. Apps are created for mobiles as well as for desktops. There are different operating systems on devices and app developers have normally made their apps to accommodate all types, users just have to find the time to hunt through the vast range and settle with the app that suits their needs the most.

10 Fun things a Bride Can Incorporate on her Wedding Day

A wedding is a beautiful moment that in each person looks forward too at one point in their life or another. It is a time when beautiful memories are created, that is meant to last a lifetime. The evolvement of technology provides brides with numerous ideas and ways to glam up their day. Some of the things a bride can incorporate on her wedding day include:

1. Aerial drone photography

This is a modern form of technology used in weddings for the purpose of filming the event. Due to its improvised system, it captures the event well and with the use of high-quality videos and photography.

2. Wedding After Party

Every guest looks forward to an exciting after party in the evenings after the wedding is complete. The bride and her team ought to plan this part very well to add flavor to their big day. A good after party marks the end of the day
with a bang. Guests get time to mingle and have fun after a long day of events after events.

3. RSVP Information

It is very important to have an RSVP section while making the wedding invitation cards. Whether the cards were mailed to the recipient or sent via email the rsvp section is very important as it informs them on what action can be taken especially for the guest who may misplace their cards or accidentally delete the mail that contains them.

4. Designer Wedding Dress Rental

Every bride looks forward to looking very gorgeous on their big day. Going for a designer gown can accomplish this desire. Designer gowns are tailored to fit the bride appropriately and fit their bodies perfectly well.

5. Guest Book

During the busy day of the wedding, it is quite impossible for the bride and groom to talk to all their guests present. Coming up with a guest book is a great idea. The book can be placed at the entrance of the venue so that each guest who
comes in can get an opportunity to leave a congratulatory message or any other message for the couple. This book will forever remain a great memory for the couple as they can go through it for the rest of their lives and keep it for their children and children’s children.

6. Gift Registry Details

Providing a gift registry area will help the couples save on time and also get information on who brought them gifts to help them get back and appreciate them after the wedding is done.

7. Gallery

A gallery is a creative area where the couple can set a number of photos from their previous dates. Guests are then encouraged to sign their names on the board and the couple can hang it in their home for memories.

8. Accommodation Information

It is important for the bride to consider accommodation for her guests before and after the wedding. This step will relieve them of stress and also ensure a big turnout as the guests will not have to worry about how to get accommodation especially for those traveling long distances to attend the day.

9. Professional makeup artist

The bride should consider investing in a professional makeup artist to doll them up during the wedding to ensure they don’t end up looking like ghosts.

10. Good music

Good music provides a good ambiance for the day. It helps keeps guests in the mood and brightens the occasion.

The 6 Best Places In The World To Take Wildlife Photographs

Most popular tourist destinations in the world with various tourism options and excellent tourist facilities. Wildlife tourism in these destinations has proven to be a fascinating tourism option. These destinations are home to a rich flora and fauna with several wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves, forest reserves, bird sanctuaries and national parks. Wildlife lovers, nature lovers, and wildlife adventure enthusiasts from around the world visit India to explore the rich flora and fauna of these lands. In fact, destinations offers a fascinating opportunity to enjoy wildlife expeditions and tourism with many nature reserves and national parks. Find out about two popular destinations that wildlife enthusiasts frequently visit.

Jim Corbett National Park

This is the oldest nature reserve in the country. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in the district of Uttarakhand. Jim Corbett is an ideal place for adventure lovers. It covers about 520 km² area. The landscape of this region consists of hills, marshy valleys, grasslands and large lakes. Bengal tigers are the main attractions of this park. Apart from the tigers, other attractions of this park are Himalayan Black Bear, Indian Gray Mongoose, Otter, Yellow-throated Marsh, Indian Shed and Langur.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos Islands is a small island archipelago that belongs to Ecuador in the eastern Pacific. Since there is a plethora of wildlife in this place, it has taken the consideration of ecotourists. Snorkeling or jumping can bring you closer to sea turtles, sea lions, finches, flamingos and iguanas.

Ranthambore National Park

This nature reserve is located in Sawai Madhopur district, Rajasthan state. It covers around 400 km² area. In this tiger reserve there are significant tiger populations. It is one of the best places in India to see the Bengal Tigers in their natural habitat. This area is surrounded by the rivers Banas and Chambal from north and south. Various lakes are also present in the park. Leopards, wild boars, hyenas, sloths and chital can also be easily discovered in this park.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Reserve is located in Madhya Pradesh. The park covers approximately 1945 km2 area. The reserve is the natural habitat of a significant tiger population. Sloths, leopards, spotted, wild boars, striped hyenas, jungle cats, jackals and various species of monkeys are the other main attractions of this wildlife. About 200 species of birds are also present in this reserve.

Ranthambore National Park

It is popular national park located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. The site was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1973 and is considered the tiger best serving as other sanctuaries. The park is decorated with more than 300 types of pants. You can find Dhok mixed with Khair, Raunj, Goya, Chhela, Pipal, Vad, Amaltas, Gurjan, Siris Saintha, Gular and Tendu.

Sariska Game Reserve

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan state. The reserve covers more than 850 square kilometers. Bengal tiger, leopard, jungle cat, caracal, striped hyena, golden jackal, chital are the main attractions of this reserve. Various species of birds can also be found in this reserve.

These are some famous national parks and nature reserves in the world. Apart from these goals, there are several other equally adventure destinations in the world too. Plan an adventure trip to these destinations and enjoy your vacation.

5 Wedding Dress Trend Related Happenings in 2018

Planning a wedding can be both a fun and frustrating affair. With so many wonderful ideas on Pinterest and other bridal websites, knowing the upcoming trends can assist brides with creating a fun and trendy wedding to fit their own personal style. When planning your wedding, consider the following 5 upcoming Big Day and wedding trends for 2018

1. Arm Warmers.

Arm warmers are coming back in full force to wedding dresses as are wedding gloves. During the 2018 fashion show at Bridal Fashion Week, viewers will get to see the beautiful warmers and coordinating gloves in various styles and sizes. From lacy to satin, detachable to peep-hole shoulders, warmers can be found either attached to the bridal gowns, detachable, or even sold separately to add a flair to any gown you choose.

2. Cascading Shoulder Bows.

While off the shoulder, or shoulder-less have always been popular choices for bridal gowns, 2018 Bridal Fashion Week will feature several dresses with varying degrees of cascading shoulder bows. While some will be more discreet and subtle, others will be long and flowy. “This new trend has really kicked in as of late, and is a popular demand of our clients when it comes to wedding dresses, says Vien Lee – owner of Belier Design, a Wedding Dress Hong Kong Salon. Select dresses even have ribbon bows that flow the length of the wedding gown itself. While several of the bows are attached to the wedding dresses themselves, retailers are beginning to sell detachable options for those brides who wish to add an accent to a different or already purchased dress.

3. High-Low Hemlines.

What started back in 2017 will become more popular in 2018 with the new High-Low Hemlines. Beginning with a high hemline in the front revealing the shoes and legs and trailing down to a low hemline and often train in the back, these dresses come in varying styles and shapes to accommodate any bride. The degree of high and low is also easily adjustable for those brides wanting to show off more or less leg on that Big Day.

4. Boutiqued Balloons.

Since everyone loves balloons, it is no wonder that a top 2018 trend for weddings will be Boutiqued Balloons. Statistics show than balloons, filled balloons, and balloon services for weddings have gone up nearly 86% since 2017. Brides are searching for balloons of different shapes and sizes and with decorative tails to either decorate the wedding with or to fill with glitter and other materials. One of the popular trends is for the balloons to be popped as the bride and groom exit the wedding. Boutiqued Balloons can also be minimally or highly decorated with lace and ribbons and put into elaborate designs and shapes.

5. DIY Food Stations

Moving drastically away from the traditional sit-down meal or any type of catering service, 2018 predicts that a popular reception trend will be DIY food stations. Brides are becoming creative with their DIY food stations using them as a decorative centerpiece for the reception itself. From a DIY sandwich station or taco bar to a DIY Waffle station, these provide a more affordable and interactive alternative for receptions. Brides are also beginning to create DIY hors d’oeuvres and even desert stations. Examples include a DIY popcorn station while the guests wait for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception or even a DIY donut station where donuts are not filled or covered, but instead the guests choose to make their donut the way they like.

What is Experiential Advertising and why should businesses consider using it?

When thinking about marketing, the best strategy is to show directly to your consumers how they stand to gain by purchasing your products. Even though the demonstration strategy has been used before, increase in competition has lead to the birth of new marketing approaches such as experimental marketing.

So what is experimental-marketing?

Experimental marketing is a marketing approach that involves live audience participation. It can be direct participation where audience contributes to a live event, or where consumers participate indirectly maybe through a competition or voting. The main aim of experimental marketing is to expand audience engagement levels through activities that they can interact with. This approach helps to form a stronger bond between the brand and the consumers.

What are the benefits of experimental marketing?

1. According to numerous studies, by using memorable and interesting events, your products may be more purchased than those that depend on traditional marketing strategies such as TV and radio.

2. Experimental marketing need voluntary participation, this helps to create a mind of buying leading to high levels of engagement.

3. Allowing consumers to try a product before making a purchase positively influences their buying decisions and plays a significant role in converting them.

4. Any successful experimental marketing event has the ability to increase activation. This means that the participants or the attendees of the event are more likely to purchase the product and spread the word to other potential consumers.

Why Should Businesses consider using Experimental Marketing?

A good experimental marketing strategy makes a lasting connection and a lasting impression. Today, event sponsorships are no longer as popular as before. Most brands are looking for innovative ways by encouraging real engagement. Even though experimental marketing approaches are designed to attain an emotional connection, strategists need to consider the type of emotion they want to achieve. We’ve seen many examples of successful experiential marketing campaigns for huge companies especially in the Photo Booth Rental SF sector where companies are able to do product launches, and announce major business decisions. The choice of location is also very important. You can choose an experimental marketing agency to help you implement a successful marketing campaign.

With social media sites, marketers can easily know what their clients want or need. The significant step to start with any form of experimental marketing is to discover what your customers want. Also, as many forms of marketing, any experience marketing strategy should be measurable to determine real success. For example, if a consumer sends an email to ask for something or fills a survey form, that is an emotional connection achieved. The consumer is more likely to purchase the products. The information provided can be used to contact the potential customers and offer them the right direction.

Nowadays, most users are not just content with the simple advertisements. They expect or want more from the brands they can connect with. They want to be part of the brand and this is where experimental marketing comes in. Today’s consumers are very smart, and thanks to the internet they can connect with many other similar brands. But if you have an effective experimental marking campaign or a reliable marketing agency, you have a good chance of making a stronger and lasting connection, and coming out on top of your competitors.